The Swearing-in of Student leaders 2023-2024


Like any other democratic institution that promotes democracy and respects human rights, Ivory International Schools had student leaders inaugurated into office after a scheduled period of campaigning which was followed by learners choosing leaders of their choice through a secret ballot method.

This function took place on Monday 20th March 2023, where newly elected leaders of the year 2023 – 2024 where sworn in while the outgoing ones handed over their files – a sign of peaceful transition of power. On this function, the outgoing leaders were rewarded with certificates of appreciation for their service, and special gifts to those leaders who exhibited outstanding performance of their duties – a message that whenever one serves well his/her efforts are recognised.

In her communication, Ms. Margaret Nabulya the head teacher said leadership is hard work as well as service. “A leader must not command, but should guide pupils to make right decisions,” she said. She added that a good leader must serve without fear or favour.

The director Mr. Ernest Sserunjogi appreciated all pupils who contested and encouraged those who did not go through not to give up.

Unlike the previous leaders of the past years, these leaders as referred to as Senior Residents, had assistants called Assistant Residents.

On this same day, the class and dormitory cordinators were also sworn in, and received tags (a symbol of authority and responsibility) to commence work.

A total of 11 Senior Residents, 8 Assistant Residents, 11 Class coordinators and 4 dormitory coordinators were inaugurated amidst cheers from an audience of teachers, fellow pupils and parents.

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