Celebrating 100% First Grade Achievement

On Thursday 25th January 2024, Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) through the ministry of education and sports released the results of the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) of primary seven pupils who sat in 2023.

In her second sitting since she started in 2019, Ivory International School – Buloba continued to exhibit herself as one of the best schools in Uganda and East Africa and to conform to the general public that the school is here to train the young generation.

The school managed to have twenty learners sitting for PLE and all of them passed with first grades, with one of them passing with four aggregates.

Since the time of release of these results, celebrations and jubilation filled the place with learners and teachers jumping, singing and shouting with joy, clapping, drumming and banging whatever whoever had to show happiness and joy. These were followed by jubilation drives through major towns around (Buloba, Bulaga, Bulenga, Busega, Kyengera, Nsangi, Buyala, Bujjuuko, Kisamula and Mudduuma)

During a function organized to celebrate this achievement on Friday 26th January 2023 where even a bull was roasted, the celebrating candidates and staff members both linked this success to their hard work and dedication, but also God’s mercy. “This is our first time in our second year of sitting to have a candidate with four aggregates and 100% first grades so we have to celebrate,” the Head Teacher said. In a one-on-one with the Deputy Head teacher Mr. Oluka Moses, he attributed the achievement to good welfare plus a number of guidance and counseling sessions to inculcate discipline in learners as well as doing a number of assessments, adding that the achievement was expected.

In an interview with Bwanika Marvin a new learner of one week and a candidate this year 2024 at this school, he already observed friendly pupils and caring teachers. “This is so far the best school I have ever seen,” he added.

Overwhelmed with joy, the director Mr. Sserunjogi Ernest thanked all staff and outgoing candidates. But more so thanked the head teacher for the grate work.

It should also be noted that Ivory International School – Buloba was in the 68th position of the 15,859 centers (schools) that sat for PLE in Uganda in 2023.


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