Ivory Kids Easter Party 2023

Ivory International Schools – Buloba are schools that don’t segregate among religions. We welcome Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans, Orthodox, SDAs, Pentecostals (Born-Again) and Muslims, and we help pupils grow up strong in their respective denominations.

On Wednesday 5th April 2023 was Ivory Kids Easter Party. All Christians were reflecting on the true love of God who sacrificed his only begotten son for our sins so that we may live (John 3:16), and also to meditate about the love of our Lord Jesus Christ who whole-heartedly accepted to go through the painful suffering and lastly died on a cross for us to be saved. 
The party which was led by two masters of ceremony; Teacher Tamale Edrine and Teacher Nalubega Dorothy was officially opened up by the head teacher Ms. Nabulya Margaret at around 11:00am with a prayer led by Teacher Namakula Annet who is also the teacher in charge of religious affairs.

It was a colourful event streaming live on our Facebook page, characterized with a number of activities including; classes presentations, dancing, face painting, bouncing on castles, ice cream licking, and a lot of other eats and drinks. Children really enjoyed, many parents were watching live online and appreciated. Below are screenshots of some comments;

A lot of thanks go to the staff who organized pupils for this function, the parents for the support rendered when you where called upon to give a hand, but much more thanks to the Almighty God who made this day possible and successful.

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