On Friday 27th January 2023 Ivory was filled with exultation on reception of our Primary Leaving Examination results of our pioneer candidates of 2022 where 75% of our candidates passed in with first grades. 

Out of the 17 candidates who sat for these exams, 13 passed with first grades and only 4 passed within the second grade. Our best candidate Mwanje Sudais passed with 6 Aggregates. It should be noted that Ivory International schools started in 2019 but its operation was throttled back by the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic which saw pupils leaving classrooms to embark on long distance and online learning. But with the challenges in that arrangement these pupils who were in Year 5 came back joining Year 7 after two years out of school and managed to make it. The class teacher of the out-going candidates Mr. Kawooya Steven said that teachers had to work their fingers to the bones when these pupils came back to make sure they covered a lot in the limited time they had available. 

The Director of Academic Programs – Primary section Mr. Atwamar John Peter together with Mr. Oluka Moses the deputy head teacher promised the parents that there is a lot more to come remarking that this triumphant victory was just a beginning. 

In her message, the head teacher Ms. Margaret Nabulya acknowledged the hard work and solidarity of the directors, plus the endless efforts of the staff members which she said yielded positive results. She thanked the parents for entrusting a new school with their children, and noted that the parents were happy. She also thanked the candidates for not dishonouring the school. 

In his speech, Mr. Earnest Sserunjogi the director in charge of administration revealed that this achievement is attributed to the fear of the Lord and the discipline instilled into the learners. “You cannot instill discipline when you don’t have it. Our staff is exemplary and because of this, we are going to greater heights”, he added. He continued to promise that Ivory International Schools have a lot in plan, and are going to be among the best schools on the land, with plans to relocate the kindergarten school to a separate ground. He also said that Ivory International School must be known for discipline and IT (Information Technology) and this is why learners are expected to have tablets. “A child who has passed through Ivory International Schools must be different when it comes to discipline. One can fail in other areas but if you are disciplined, it’s hard to fail in all areas. Many people are where they are because of discipline,” he illuminated, and concluded by calling upon all parents to bring their children to Ivory International Schools - Buloba because the future begins here.


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