The Ivory Sports Day Term I 2023

Ivory International Schools on 6th May 2023 held a sports day under a theme: “Sports for Better Health”, where the four houses; Brazil (Yellow), Cameroon (Green), England (Red) and Japan (Blue) actively participated in 32 games and sports activities from K-Asia (Baby class) to Year 7. This was the second of its kind. The first one was held in 2019.

The day started with volley ball and netball finals followed by a march-past where pupils and staff matched along the road to Buloba trading center and back to the sports ground.

The games and sports activities were;

  1. Short relays (Year 2)
  2. Short relays (Open)
  3. 100 meter race (Open)
  4. Chair dance (K-Africa)
  5. Shape jump (K-Asia)
  6. Balloon bursting with a dart (Year 3)
  7. Ball tunnel (K-Europe)
  8. Big shoes (K-Asia)
  9. Colour sorting (K-Africa)
  10. Lava walk (Year 4)
  11. Ring dance (Year 1)
  12. Treasure hunting (K-Asia)
  13. Kangaroo jump (K-Europe)
  14. Glass piling (Year 5)
  15. Long relays (Open)
  16. Balloon stack challenge (Year 6)
  17. Chain game (Year 1)
  18. Roll pick a ball (K-Asia)
  19. Ring balance (Year 2)
  20. Card movement (K-Africa)
  21. Bottle filling with a sponge (Year 3)
  22. Ninja warrior (K-Europe)
  23. Passing through a ring (Year 6)
  24. Toilet paper rolling (K-Africa)
  25. Balloon caterpillar (Year 7)
  26. Ball leg relay (Year 5)
  27. Cup by cup (K-Europe)
  28. Discus (Open)
  29. Shot put (Open)
  30. Javelin (Open)
  31. Netball (Open)
  32. Volley Ball (Open) 
Parents also got involved in the activities of the day when they competed with staff members in short relay races ladies and gents. This was one of the most exciting moments coupled with the school band and parade exhibitions.
Mr. Kayongo Sam who officiated the announcing of the house performances announced Cameroon house as the leading house with 467 points, followed by England with 410 points, next Brazil with 403 points, and lastly Japan with 393 point.
Cameroon house moved away with a certificate, a huge trophy and a bull, England house with a certificate, a small trophy and a goat, Brazil house with a certificate, and a smaller trophy whereas the last house Japan went away with a certificate.
In her speech, the Head teacher Ms. Nabulya Margaret said that games and sports at Ivory International schools are aimed at developing pupils’ talents outside the classrooms plus health and teamwork among pupils and staff. For this, she thanked her staff for the togetherness and corporation always demonstrated and mostly especially during this day. She also thanked the parents for entrusting the school with their children and promised them that they will never be disappointed.
Mr. Sserunjogi Ernest one of the directors applauded staff for organizing such very unique activities and assured the parents that a child studying at Ivory International schools cannot fail in life because Ivory does not only concentrate on academics but also equipping and developing pupils’ abilities and skills outside the classrooms. “This is explained by the number of co-curricular programs we have at school”, he emphasized.
The chief guest Mr. Ssenyonga Brian Charles the Wakiso district sports officer who is also serving as the technical vice president for all sports officers in Uganda appreciated and thanked the directors for organizing such a colourful activity. “I have been on many sports days around Wakiso but I have to tell you; you have put up a very very good sports show,” he added. He also applauded the staff for the smartness of the children and thanked the directors for owning a school band. Mr. Ssenyonga gave out two basket balls to the school as his token of appreciation.


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